The College is committed, through these various programmes, to produce the best graduates in the different disciplines bearing in mind the vision and mission of the founder of the University, Aare Afe Babalola, B.Sc. Econs (London), LL.B Hons (London), LL.D, FCIArb, FNILAS, OFR, CON, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), a renowned Philanthropist and one of the distinguished legal luminaries of the present age. He has dedicated so much of his life to the cause of higher education and has spoken so much about the exigencies of Nigerian Universities. ABUAD is a practical demonstration of these long-standing conviction and experiences while the College of Science of the University provides the spring board in this regard.

It is part of the philosophy of the College of Sciences of this University to engage in innovative and result-oriented inter-disciplinary scientific research, be a citadel for ceaseless search for new and positive scientific knowledge that will guarantee sustainable development and remain a fountain of the purest and highest attainable standards of human knowledge, incorporating global best practices and cutting-edge scientific methodologies. In particular, the objectives of the College include the following:

  1. To create the most conducive atmosphere possible for intellectual pursuits by students and other researchers within its physical and virtual environment;
  2. To raise the standard of scientific education to an enviable level in Nigeria and Africa;
  3. Create and remain a rallying point for the best categories of scientists around the world by advancing the frontiers of scientific knowledge to meet the vast challenges confronting the global world;
  4. To nurture students in the art of scientific enquiries and groom them into visionary graduates who are capable of envisaging tomorrow’s scientific problems and through environmentally friendly procedures that will guarantee sustainable development;
  5. To bridge the gap between “town and gown” by raising graduates who are immediately relevant to the society and key players in the global market place; and

To create a new paradigm in scientific research discovery and output in order to reverse the present global development divide between the developed and developing world, and help the African continent take the necessary lead in the 21stCentury globalization. This will not strive to create winners and losers but will ensure healthy competition, effective global interdependence and mutually beneficial exploration of the world resources.

The College of Sciences is uncompromisingly committed to the scientific advancement of the human society, protection of the environment and making Nigeria and the African continent a pride of place in the world.